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We are Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners with a passion to help people feel better and live their best lives. Our team will treat you in a holistic way, whether it’s medication, supplements or lifestyle and wellness. We collaborate with a network that has multiple years of practice in psychiatry, academia, wellness, therapy, nutrition, etc. Our team is dedicated to helping you improve your overall wellbeing. We provide all services via telehealth on a simple to use platform.

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Stacy Hobbs
Wanda Hilliard
Ayla Jenson Naughton
Jennifer Ozzello

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner-much like a psychiatrist. We provide psychiatric evaluations, diagnosis, and possibly medication and or supplement recommendations and prescriptions. We also do some supportive therapy and can make recommendations for a therapist for more intensive therapy. We make recommendations and collaborate with other specialists if needed.

Evaluations can include questionnaires, patient’s full medical history, including seizures, migraines, or concussions/head injuries, medications you are currently taking and medications that you have taken in the past, family medical history, symptoms you are currently having, past events in your life that could have caused emotional trauma, any use, misuse or addiction to any prescribed or unprescribed substances, including alcohol.

"Stacy is one of the most caring and empathetic doctors we have ever seen. She is easy to talk to, and eager to truly help. Being able to conduct an appointment from the comfort of your home is groundbreaking for the world of medicine, and works especially well for psychiatry."
A mental health disorder is not merely a diagnosis. It is a condition to be delicately treated for your overall best health. Tele-Mental Health is a great way to be able to stay in your community and still receive quality confidential services. Caprock Alliance for Mental Wellness is committed to delivering the highest quality of mental health services in the Texas region through our award-winning mental health providers.
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