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We’re proud to partner with nursing home facilities, in-patient and out-patient treatment centers, hospitals, and healthcare networks to provide professional mental health services. Our desire is to build and nurture strong relationships with network providers and to deliver the highest-level of care for our patients.

We understand every healthcare network is unique; we pride ourselves in comprehending the overall need and devising a partnership that serves all parties well.

Network Collaboration

A few of our proud partnerships include:

"I was very impressed with my first visit and she really took the time to listen to my problems and offer some solutions for us to try!"
A mental health disorder is not merely a diagnosis. It is a condition to be delicately treated for your overall best health. Tele-Mental Health is a great way to be able to stay in your community and still receive quality confidential services. Caprock Alliance for Mental Wellness is committed to delivering the highest quality of mental health services in the Texas region through our award-winning mental health providers.
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